Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 71 - El Bordo - Popayan

Distance travelled (by bike): 8510

Hot, Humid and rain! Travelling on an amazing road through the mountains, thou the opportunity to  any photos was limited. The road was narrow with lots of tight hairpin bends, allowing only one truck could turn at a time, meaning that the traffic was backed up all along the mountains and people still overtake on these corners! Stopping to take a photo would have been a death wish, so the photos are taken as i was driving.
Arriving at Popayan the sun was out. The city is made up of predominantly two storey colonial style buildings, most painted white. Finding a place to stay took some time, finding secure parking took a lot longer! In 2005 Popayan was declared by UNESCO as the first city of gastronomy, for continuing to use traditional methods of food preparation, what these are i have no idea. I tried some of the regional specialities, what some were is a mystery, but they tasted really good. 

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