Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 233/234 - Denali National Park - Anchorage/Anchorage

Distance travelled (by bike): 33,970

The rain reappeared, the drive from Denali to Anchorage was wet and foggy. People told me it was a scenic drive, i'm sure it would be on a clear day, but sadly this was not one of them. Filling up with petrol i met a German couple who were struggling to work the pump, after showing them i went to get a coffee to warm up, the couple walked in behind me and insisted on paying for it, good start to the day.
Further up the road i saw some trucks, i had to stop. These were seriously raised and modified, Matt would be proud. The mechanic was trying to talk me into buying the raised 4x4 camper and strapping the bike to the back, he assured me he could rig up a system. I have to admit i was tempted, just for novelty value, but realistically, no.
Getting to Anchorage i got an email from Vinnie. I met Vinnie at Alberts pub in Medellin, Columbia, like me he was riding his bike through the Americas, but had taken 2 years about it, the perfect excuse to get some beers.
Having got led astray last night it was a very steady start to the day, luckily i wasn't doing any driving, instead been a tourist in Anchorage spending the day wandering around and shaking off the excesses of last night.
Founded as a railway camp in 1914, Anchorage is now the largest city in Alaska, home to 40% of the Alaskan population. I was told that Anchorage houses half of the worlds small engined aircraft, a fact i can believe as you can hear them taking off and landing throughout the day. Downtown was busy, thanks in part to the arrival of a cruise ship, the city has embraced tourism and with it been voted the All American City 4 times.

the truck they wanted to sell me

me & vin

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