Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 221/222 - Dawson Creek - Muncho Lake - Watson Lake

Distance travelled (by bike): 31,370

Setting off from Dawson Creek along the Alaskan highway from mile 0 felt good. Taking a slight diversion along the way to drive over the (historic) last wooden tressle  curved timber bridge on the old Alaskan highway. It has to be said that the scenery from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson is very dull, actually its dull until about 100 miles out of Fort Nelson. Then the roads are no longer straight, cut straight through the forests, they twist and turn, through valleys, over mountains and round lakes. 
Cutting through numerous parks i got so see eagles, sheep, deer and lots of moose. Finally pulling over at Muncho lake before the sun set and it started to get colder.
Bit of frost on the ground this morning, cold start. 
After a short ride the cold was soon remedied when i stopped at Liards hot springs. 
Liard hot springs provincial park were created in 1957, the original boardwalks and pool facilities were built by the US army in 1942. There are two hotsprings, with temperatures ranging from 42-52 degrees C. The hotsprings were amazing, a great way to spend the morning.
Warmed up and smelling of sulphur it was back on the highway. I was warned about the bison roaming on the road before i left the park. A few miles up the road i drove passed a herd of bison sat on the side of the road without a care in the world. Further up the road i passed a couple of black bears, again, totally ignorant to the passing vehicles.
Entering into the Yukon and on to Watson Lake and the famous 'signpost city'. As i drove through town i noticed a lot of BMW motorcycles, all with UK plates. The Globebusters motorcycles tours are heading to Argentina, the same company i met in Peru when they were heading north with another group. They take 5 months to go from Alaska to Argentina.
Leaving the Globebusters bikers to find their accommodation further down the road i explored the signpost city. 

start of the Alaskan Highway

curved timber bridge


massive pancake breakfast!!!

5 seater bike!

Laird hotsprings

signpost city

the globebusters bikes

patriotic plate

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