Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 219 - Quesnel - Prince Goerge (via Barkerville)

Distance travelled (by bike): 30,325

I left Brian's early to try and see some of the wildlife along the road and get to Barkerville before the crowds closed in. Again glad i was reminded that deer usually travel in pairs, if one jumps out the other will be close behind, it was close!
Barkerville was the main town of the Cariboo Gold Rush in BC and was once the largest city north of San Francisco. By 1890 the cities population had started to decline until it eventually became a ghost town.
In 1958 the government of BC decided the town should be restored and preserved as a historic landmark.
Barkerville is an amazing insight into history, lots of the buildings have the original fixture, wallpapers and documented history on who lived and their profession.
I got talking to one of the guys doing the gold panning, after i explained my journey he insisted before i left Barkerville that i pan for gold, no charge. Gold panning over, i got to keep tiny bit of gold and was given a sticker for the bike. Big thanks to the guys at Eldorado Gold Panning. 
Stopping for food at Hixon i decided i must look like i need charity. Again when asked, i explained where i'd been and where i'm going, upon hearing this i got a discount on my food! - a good day!
Arriving at Prince George i was greeted by the official mascot. Mr P.G. An 8 metre high mock timber statue.

loaded up ready to hit the road, Brian's Triumph looks tiny next to the loaded bike, but its about the same size

leaving Brian's

Church in Barkerville

looking down the main st.

one of the guys from Eldorado Gold Panning showing how its done

my tiny bit of gold


Mr P.G welcoming everyone 

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