Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 208-214 - Still in Vancouver!

Distance travelled (by bike): 29,200

Spending longer than i anticipated in Vancouver, mostly as i was enjoying the weather, atmosphere and the chance to relax.
It also gave me an opportunity to do some much needed maintenance on the bike, new tyres, inner tubes, oil and clutch cable fitted ready for the road north. I made the decision to wash my bike trousers, mistake. The machine, or the setting i put it on somehow ripped all the seams apart, shredding the material around the seams, having tried to sew them back together and failing i had to admit defeat. The only option was to spend the day trawling around the motorcycle shops of vancouver looking for replacements.
It was easy to get distracted in Vancouver. The opportunity to earn some cash. The chance to see the red bull air display then fireworks over English Bay whilst having dinner & drinks on a yacht was an invitation i wasn't going turn down, likewise was the chance to sea kayak around the coastline of Vancouver and hiking in the surrounding mountains.
All good thing must come to an end, knowing that i was starting to get too relaxed it was time to move on...

some of the seams that ripped!!

red bull air display

fireworks over English Bay

sailing back into downtown Vancouver 

back in a kayak 

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