Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 220 - Prince George - Dawson Creek

Distance travelled (by bike): 30,660

As you leave Prince George you get the feeling your starting to enter the wilderness. After a few miles off road i opted to stick to the highway knowing that Petrol stations were getting few and far between. Driving north there has been distinct drop in temperature, last night it dropped to 4 degrees…starting to get colder.
The scenery was as ever, epic. The road, near enough deserted heading north. The region had three months of rain in less than a day, this caused huge landslides along the highway. The reconstruction effort was enormous, so were the delays, but with no time restriction i enjoyed the wait, talking to signallers, other workers and drivers.
Stopping in Chetwynd, 'The chainsaw sculpture capital of the world'. The town now boasts over 50 chainsaw carvings spread throughout the town, sculpture seen it was back on the road to Dawson Creek
Dawson Creek boasts mile 0 of the Alaska HIghway. Rolling into Dawson i headed straight for the mile 0 post, strangely located in the middle of an intersection! Unbeknown to me it was the Dawson Creek Rodeo/fair weekend, the opportunity was too good to miss. Riding my trusty steer i found the stadium, bought my ticket and mingled with the cowboys and locals. Sadly the main event was the Chuckwagons, i was hoping for bullriding. The chuck wagons were actually amazing, seriously fast with some big crashes and huge crowds (for Dawson Creek). A great evening.

parked at mile '0'

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