Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 223 - Watson Lake - Carmacks

Distance travelled (by bike): 31,760

Instead of taking the Alaskan Highway through Whitehorse i opted for the road less travelled, The Campbell Highway. This road is about 60% unpaved and in some parts pretty much a single lane. This statistic  also applied to the weather 60% torrential rain 40% sun.
having been recommended Bee Jays dinner, i stopped for breakfast, i was not disappointed, a great truckers cafe with good food. From Watson Lake i saw no other traffic until i got to Ross River, 230 miles up the road. Fantastic road, i saw loads of bears, but not much else. Having filled with fuel from the fuel cans the bike sank on its stand, when i was taking a photo it fell over, irritating. I was hoping to fill up at Ross River, unbeknown to me today is some sort of national or local holiday, the fuel station was shut, i was told by one of the locals the people running it decided to go fishing. 
Back on the road to Faro, here the road became paved and i managed to fill up with fuel, other than an old mining truck there really wasn't much there, but the population is only 300 people.
The road to Carmacks was an easy ride through the rain great finish to a big day.

bee jays cafe

the campbell highway

just before the bike fell over

the number 1 tourist attraction in Faro

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