Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 227/228 - Tok - Fairbanks / Fairbanks

Distance travelled (by bike): 32,700

Stopping for something to eat i met Matt and Howard, who generously treated me to breakfast, they are travelling around Alaska for a few weeks on their bikes and pulling some crazy uni-go trailers. 
From Tok there is only one road to Fairbanks, this takes you through Delta Junction,marking the official end of the Alaska highway becoming the Richardson Highway. The views across the Alaskan Landscape were amazing with Mount Mckinley visible in the distance.
The North Pole, Alaska, despite the name, the town is 1,700 miles from the geographic north pole. It does however have the twin of the actual pole that marks the geographical north pole, the largest Santa in the world (over 40 foot)  and Santa Claus House. 
The town have embraced christmas, the street lights are decorated like candy canes, the police cars are green and red and the streets have a christmas theme, Snowman Lane, Kris Kringle Drive, Santa Claus lane to name a few.
I was going to head north up to the Arctic circle today, but waking up to hail then rain i decided that i had the time and the arctic could wait a day, instead spending the day relaxing in Fairbanks. With the rain and not a huge amount to do in Fairbanks it was a relaxing day. A visit to the motor museum, the historic paddle steamer and a hike though one of the surrounding recreation areas and the day was about done. Back on the bike tomorrow to get up to the Arctic circle and maybe beyond.

Matt & Howard with the crazy trailers

40 foot santa

Santa Claus at the North Pole

parked infront of the twin of the pole at the pole

for the next adventure - i think it suits me

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