Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 217/218 - Cache Creek - Green Lake - Quesnel

Distance travelled (by bike): 30,100

Taking the most direct route between the from start to finish would have taken about an two hours, instead i decided to take the logging roads, which more than doubled the distance and took most of the day. The logging roads are amazing, seeing parts of the country that not many people get to see, nearly hitting cattle, just like South America! Chewing up the miles i encountered numerous logging trucks, the trucks take no prisoners, not slowing down, making it very clear that i was on their territory.
Arriving at Green Lake I found my accommodation, after following some amazingly detailed directions. After a refreshing swim in the lake i met the whole crew staying at Toad Hollow when they returned from tubing on the lake for some beers and bbq and banter. 
As i was setting up camp for the night my tent decided that after all these days on the road it had had enough, the main support pole snapped, duck tape fixes everything!!
A big thanks to Jay & Dawn, Rod & Judy, Matt & Karin & Joanne and all at the Toad Hollow on Green Lake for the accommodation, great food and good company.

sadly they wouldn't serve this for breakfast

After a night of amazing storms i packed up the decrepit tent and headed off towards Quesnel in the pouring rain. 
Originally i was hoping to stay in Quesnel with Danielle, a fellow adv rider i met in Kalispel, unfortunately for me (great news for her), her daughter had a her baby the day before, so she was out of town. Fortunately for me Danielle is amazing mentioned that her friend Brian might be able to put me up for the night. Next thing i know Brian has emailed me his address and number,  i was more than welcome to stay. I love the adv family!!
Throughout the day the weather got better as did the roads. Driving only logging and forestry roads through the Cariboo mountains until i got to Williams Lake. Having been told about a crazy sculpture in the visitors centre, i had to stop - i wasn't disappointed.
Williams is home to the only cowboy and ranching museum in Canada, another must see on my list. 
Having seen the Cowboy hall of fame and various memorabilia it was time to get to Brian's. Turns out Brian is a diehard Triumph enthusiast and has been driving them for the last 30 years and just bought a new 800. After more great food, a few drinks and lots of talk it was time to hit the sack.
Massive thanks to Danielle and to Brian for the amazing hospitality, generosity and information

drying the tent 

welcome to Williams Lake

the amazing sculpture 

some of the photos in the hall of fame

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