Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 215/216 - Vancouver - Cache Creek

Distance travelled (by bike): 29,480

Leaving Vancouver behind driving up the sea to sky highway north, bike repaired, sun out and a grin on my face, life was good. It lasted about 30 miles. The back of the bike started to squirm, not good. I knew i had a puncture, pulling in for fuel i assessed the situation, making the call i put a lot of air in the tyre and drove on, fingers crossed i'd get to whistler. 
I made it to Whistler, the last few corners were not fun, but needs must. Unloading the bike i decided to procrastinate and leave the tyre till the morning.
Another beautiful morning, unfortunately no good samaritan had fixed my puncture. Needing an innertube i headed to the only motorcycle shop in whistler, it seems the last one had a nice hole in it and was slightly torn in place. From my experience the tears don't patch well.
Tyre repaired i headed north towards Pemberton, stunning scenery, though the ride took longer than anticipated, the road was twisty climbing and dropping in and out of valleys. As the Rv's struggled to go above 40mph and few places to pass i sat back and enjoyed the surroundings. The road from Pemberton to Cache creek was equally as stunning and infuriating. Arriving at Cache Creek i was relieved to get out of the sun, i think the hottest part of the day is between 3-6. 
Cooled down and camp set up, with the sun setting, it feels good to be back on the road (although i was told today that there is already snow in Alaska!!).

looking over to Whistler Village

Whistler Village

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