Sunday, October 30, 2011

The end!!

Having been stationary for 2 weeks the realisation that the journey has come to an end has hit home, though i think it will hit harder once i return to the UK. I'm told that its about the two week mark when the depression sets in, i can see why. Having no ties, responsibilities or constrains for 9 months then returning to a world that is based on them is a shock. The prospect of returning to the workforce, working structured hours for allocated time off is even more daunting.
Luckily, knowing people who have completed adventures on motorcycles and talking to them about the readjustment prepared me for the shock.
When i return to the UK having had some rest and recuperation time in Canada 'real life' will begin. 
The bike however is going on another adventure. I got a call from my buddy Charlie asking if i'd sell it to him. He's planning to slowly travel from Canada to Panama, maybe further south. Not wanting to sell the bike we came to an agreement, repairs servicing and shipping in return for the loan. In a few days charlie and the bike will be heading south. If you see them stop and have a chat. 

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