Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 272/273 - Portland - Portland - Yakima

Distance travelled (by bike):  41,550

After a hedonistic night in Portland it was an incredibly slow start to the day. After dragging ourselves out  of the safety of the hotel we explored the city.
Portland is unique, it has barrow streets and unlike most US cities very small blocks, making it a compact city and easy to navigate.
I really laid back and relaxed city, but it seemed like an epicentre for all the waif, strays, homeless, hippies and crazies on the west coast. 
After a relaxed day some great food and wine it was time to pack up and get ready for tomorrow.

Leaving Portland behind we hit the road. Stopping for breakfast, in typical style we opted for the all american specials, when they arrived they were huge. Matt had an enormous plate of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, grilled cinnamon buns with syrup and cream, strange mix.
Rolling out of the restaurant we struggled back onto the bikes and headed north east. Stopping at one of the state fisheries and hydro dam, we were privileged to see one of the huge sturgeons, over 12ft. Further up the road we stopped at a historic aeroplane and car museum, amazing collection, all still working and used, every week they drive different cars on local routes allowing locals and tourists to ride along in the vehicles. The planes are also flown every week.
Back on the road it was i great ride east, stopping at the stonehenge war memorial on our way to Yakima.
Arriving at Yakima we headed out for some food and drinks, Matt decided to try a man v's food type challenge, eating over 70 shrimp (7 different types), chicken wings and salad in less than an hour. I had to roll him back.

one of the locals car, decorated with, well what seemed like anything they could find

it already is...


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